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Soliarii Chris T brother of Michel'le Interview with DJ Maxheat

Soliarii Soliarii Soliarii
Los Angeles, California native Soliarii is one of the few hip hop artist today that has remained true to hip hop. Soliarii says growing up in the 1980's music was fun and it meant something so I think "music should be fun and feel good, forget all the egos and atiitudes." Today's music is lacking something and Soliarii feels it's substance. This is one artist that is not afraid to stray from the beaten path. Soliarii music tells are of things he's lived or is currently living or he's researched the subject. He says he wants to make sure the people that listen to his music to know the truth.

His influences are Ice Cube, Common and Lupe Fiasco.The Late Bloomer album was a mixture of his influences . His single "Nation at half mass" you can hear his political side as he talks about gun control and the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy. Soliarii's G-Funk tells a story of his failures and realizations growing up in South Central.

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Soliarii LA - PA


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Soliarii interview with DJ Maxheat
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